Ricoh GR III Requests

I’ve now switched between Fuji and Ricoh for a second time in a few years, and I am convinced the current GR II is a very well designed and competitive imaging machine, but I am definitely hoping for a GR III within another year or two. So, here are my two cents worth for Ricoh’s design and engineering teams. If you’ve also used the GR series, let me know what you think.

For the impatient readers out there, here’s my bullet list of do’s and do not’s. These are roughly in order of importance.


…add high quality 14-bit raw file support, faster data handling and upgraded processing

…bump up the pixel density while also increasing the per pixel performance as long as the lens can handle it Continue reading

Dynamic Soundscape — Freedom Principle


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If you have a chance to check out the Freedom Principle at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, I highly recommend you do it. They have a mini-site that is worth looking at, but it doesn’t do the immersive … Continue reading

Xpro fun with the X100T


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I am quite psyched that VSCO finally updated their films for the Fujifilm X-100T (and X30). The Xpro versions of E100V film got my attention, since I like how cross-processing accentuates colors and contrast with low key photos. With late afternoon sun hitting the … Continue reading

Creative Freedom and Constraints as Drivers

Pushing boundaries seems to be a common theme in both art and science. The boundaries of what can be said or shown, or known – are generally assumed to be external constraints. However, when artists self-impose limits on the tools and techniques utilized to create, they gain much more than they exclude.

These first few images from a larger set were created on a Winter day in the fading afternoon light. They seem to encompass the mood I wanted to capture in part due to the simple process I forced myself to use.

No cropping, no changing focal lengths, no extensive processing. Just what I put in the frame and the choice of ‘film’.

I’ll try additional uploads to the VSCO GRID as I explore a bit more through their iOS app. So far, I really like the simplicity and quality of it.

Follow this link to see how the Edgewater Beach series is progressing.

Warped Perspective


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Robert Capa is quoted as saying “if your pictures aren’t good enough then you’re not close enough”, but if you’re using a wide-angle lens for close-up portraits this may not be the best advice. While the blogosphere has rockstars like Zack … Continue reading

Roll your own Kodachrome?


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Fujifilm’s firmware updates with the “Classic Chrome” filter got me thinking. What are the key characteristics that I like about that look, and can I recreate it without buying their camera? Although I haven’t shot a roll of Kodachrome in many … Continue reading

Image Stabilization from Hell


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There are two camps out there hunting for the best camera equiptment. Those that put potential image quality first in their search, and those that put usability first. After losing some nice shots due to the same lame equiptment design … Continue reading



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After realizing that it is a bit pricey to keep shooting slide film, I wanted to do a straight up comparison of what I can get from the equivalent VSCO presets. Some of these are Velvia 100 scans with a … Continue reading

Using Velvia to break out of a slump


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I’ve been feeling stuck on a plateau in my creative work lately. With photography, my initial reaction to this always seems to be to buy an awesome new camera – as if that will solve the issue. This time, after a bit of … Continue reading

Olympian weekend


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Thanks to the awesome folks at Looking Glass Photo I had a chance to test out a shiny new Olympus camera this weekend. For free, and you can too! Well, at least if you live in the Bay area. Here’s a … Continue reading