Warped Perspective


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Robert Capa is quoted as saying “if your pictures aren’t good enough then you’re not close enough”, but if you’re using a wide-angle lens for close-up portraits this may not be the best advice. While the blogosphere has rockstars like Zack … Continue reading

Roll your own Kodachrome?


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Fujifilm’s firmware updates with the “Classic Chrome” filter got me thinking. What are the key characteristics that I like about that look, and can I recreate it without buying their camera? Although I haven’t shot a roll of Kodachrome in many … Continue reading

Image Stabilization from Hell


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There are two camps out there hunting for the best camera equiptment. Those that put potential image quality first in their search, and those that put usability first. After losing some nice shots due to the same lame equiptment design … Continue reading



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After realizing that it is a bit pricey to keep shooting slide film, I wanted to do a straight up comparison of what I can get from the equivalent VSCO presets. Some of these are Velvia 100 scans with a … Continue reading

Using Velvia to break out of a slump


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I’ve been feeling stuck on a plateau in my creative work lately. With photography, my initial reaction to this always seems to be to buy an awesome new camera – as if that will solve the issue. This time, after a bit of … Continue reading

Composition Practice


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I was recently reminded by an artistically inclined sibling of mine that I should continue to develop my understanding of composition and design. It’s hard to find time for formal studies, but there is an activity that I have been doing for the last couple … Continue reading

Replicating that Leica photojournalistic look with an OM-D (finally, success!)

Can you use the C Sonnar T* 1,5/50 ZM and OM-D E-M5 for sports photography!?

Yes it sounds like a crazy choice – an old-style manual focus rangefinder lens, plus a micro four-thirds camera, but surprisingly enough the pictures turned out to be quite satisfying once I worked out some details. Continue reading

GR firmware update and the all new original film look


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Ricoh released a firmware update recently, and it includes a new setting that is described as producing an exposure that mimics the original look of GR film cameras. I couldn’t find any more details on how this was implemented, but … Continue reading

Film vs. Digital – monochrome shootout


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After lugging around a classic 1kg+ film camera with me last weekend, and carefully exposing 37 frames of Tri-X film (see my previous post), I started trying to recreate that beautifully contrasty and grainy Eikoh Hosoe look with a more portable … Continue reading

Is there a Lightroom in your pocket?

Adobe seems to have managed two major FAILs this year: a massive private data security breach and a surprise switch from boxed software sales to monthly licensing fees. To me, this is serious incentive to explore alternative ways to edit my images.

Although there are various commercial and shareware software packages available, in-camera raw processing has improved to the point that it is now a reasonable option in some scenarios. Sure it whacks your battery like crazy, and there are still huge limitations in performance, but some manufacturers are starting to include competitive options with their latest cameras.

The three I recently compared just happen to be the ones I currently have on hand, but they are also a cross-section of what the more innovative companies are producing these days. The Olympus OM-D E-M5, Fujifilm X20 and Ricoh GR are all very capable of producing usable JPEGs straight out of camera.

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