Roll your own Kodachrome?


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Fujifilm’s firmware updates with the “Classic Chrome” filter got me thinking. What are the key characteristics that I like about that look, and can I recreate it without buying their camera? Although I haven’t shot a roll of Kodachrome in many … Continue reading

A few thoughts on committing to 4:3


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After using 3:2 aspect ratio cameras and mostly enlarging to 5:4 photo paper, it took a while for the native dimensions of the newest sensors to feel natural. I didn’t start to visualize my photos in 4:3 until recently. Anyone thinking … Continue reading

Digital Film Stock Comparison – Part 3 – Superia and Astia


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These galleries are grouped by film type, or as close as the different software products get in naming them. Fujifilm Astia was a great slide film for people pictures, and some of its character shows in each of these digital … Continue reading

Digital Film Stock Comparison – Part 1 – The Challenge


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Want to get that dramatic action film look? Well, there are ways to do it. The number of high quality choices for easily simulating the look of old film stocks has been growing over the past few years. I’ve been … Continue reading

X20 Games – in the mountains, in brilliant color


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Hi All, I updated this post today after a couple people noticed that my iPad editing ruined the image quality and I didn’t notice on the small non-retina screen. These new versions were reprocessed from the originals in Aperture now … Continue reading