Using Velvia to break out of a slump


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I’ve been feeling stuck on a plateau in my creative work lately. With photography, my initial reaction to this always seems to be to buy an awesome new camera – as if that will solve the issue. This time, after a bit of … Continue reading

New school street photography


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Watching a video of Alex Webb shooting a project in the street markets of Korea was an eye opener for me. In the past, I’ve looked to classics like Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson and Erwitt to learn about expressing ideas and feelings … Continue reading

X20 Games – in the mountains, in brilliant color


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Hi All, I updated this post today after a couple people noticed that my iPad editing ruined the image quality and I didn’t notice on the small non-retina screen. These new versions were reprocessed from the originals in Aperture now … Continue reading