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After realizing that it is a bit pricey to keep shooting slide film, I wanted to do a straight up comparison of what I can get from the equivalent VSCO presets. Some of these are Velvia 100 scans with a … Continue reading

Treasure hunting Sonnar

I like to get across a sense of place through pictures. The Treasure Island flea market is a unique place with many characters, and even a bit of magic, but it takes some serious effort to do it justice through photography. 20140227-205453.jpg For me, the best tool for large crowded spaces like this, with lots of nostalgia and human drama, is a classic 50mm lens on a full-frame camera. I’ve tried using a 50mm equivalent on a smaller sensor in this same setting, but the perspective just doesn’t look right to me. Continue reading

Old school photography


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There is something very unique that happens with black and white film exposure. I have not been able to figure it out, but even after scanning the negatives and applying a bit of processing, the images still have something organic … Continue reading

GR firmware update and the all new original film look


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Ricoh released a firmware update recently, and it includes a new setting that is described as producing an exposure that mimics the original look of GR film cameras. I couldn’t find any more details on how this was implemented, but … Continue reading

Still from film that never existed



I like drama in films, and old black and white ones just ooze drama from scene to scene. I tried to capture a bit of that feeling with this image.

Cindy Sherman’s series of movie-like selphies started me thinking that some photos could come about from a sort of street theatre one-shot composition process.

This one worked as a straight OOC jpeg using the Ricoh GR’s high contrast B&W setting. If I were printing it, I might go back to RAW and try a cross-process color toning and less noisy grain.

One day, one roll of film


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These days it’s rare that I step back and focus on trying to get a perfect frame captured. It’s so easy to fill an SD card with images and then assume I’ll sort through them all later. As an exercise … Continue reading

Digital Film Stock Comparison – Part 3 – Superia and Astia


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These galleries are grouped by film type, or as close as the different software products get in naming them. Fujifilm Astia was a great slide film for people pictures, and some of its character shows in each of these digital … Continue reading

Digital Film Stock Comparison – Part 1 – The Challenge


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Want to get that dramatic action film look? Well, there are ways to do it. The number of high quality choices for easily simulating the look of old film stocks has been growing over the past few years. I’ve been … Continue reading

Street Photography – Film vs. Digital


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After having rested for a long time in storage, my trusty old Nikon F3 with dented pentaprism housing, exposed brass and 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor has returned for a contest. I decided to pit film against digital to see which one … Continue reading