Xpro fun with the X100T

I am quite psyched that VSCO finally updated their films for the Fujifilm X-100T (and X30).

The Xpro versions of E100V film got my attention, since I like how cross-processing accentuates colors and contrast with low key photos. With late afternoon sun hitting the street, any Fuji X cam will produce a great look when the files are taken through the VSCO Xpro presets.

With these shots, I dialed down exposures to keep the highlights from blowing out, and then brought everything back up a bit during processing without worrying about noise like I would with a micro four-thirds sensor.

Most of my other shots this last month involved people, so when the sun peeked out from behind clouds just before sunset, getting out and trying more abstract found-object shots was a nice change of pace.

I’ve been shooting the X-100T almost constantly since around the holidays except during some sports events where I needed a telephoto zoom. Two of these were taken with the Fuji teleconverter for a classic 50mm field of view and a little shorter depth-of-field with the aperture opened up.


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