Olympian weekend


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Thanks to the awesome folks at Looking Glass Photo I had a chance to test out a shiny new Olympus camera this weekend. For free, and you can too! Well, at least if you live in the Bay area. Here’s a … Continue reading

San Pablo Colors


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After taking some time to get good OOC B&W images from the OMD EM5 with Zeiss C Sonnar 50/1.5, I’m now taking a closer look at the color profile of this lens/sensor combo. So far, so good, but JPEGs aren’t quite as … Continue reading

Megapixel Overload


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The Cubs played in Oakland this weekend, and I got a chance to test the maximum resolution of my backup camera. This is a 3:2 aspect ratio crop from the original 4:3 ratio 12mp image file. I upped the resolution … Continue reading

Colorful wall in Oakland


Someone has been very busy painting murals. It gives me a chance to really test the sensor on my camera to see if I can get the intensity and color tone to reproduce right. I’ve been thinking that the combination of shapes and colors in this frame just seem to work.

Wall in Oakland. Ajustments in Aperture 3, AS Exposure Kodachrome filter, cropped for 20 x 30 print.

Some pictures from walking around town with a new lens this weekend


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Here are the first few pictures that caught my attention after walking around town this weekend. The colors from the Olympus OM-D E-M5 are really starting to impress me after a couple months playing around with various exposures in different lighting … Continue reading

What to do if the best camera that is with you belongs in the crapper

With respect to the goal of not missing an opportunity, Chase Jarvis was startlingly correct with his famous quote,

The best camera is the one that’s with you.

However, it may be useful to explore some of the remaining unfortunate scenarios that occur as a result of this sage advice.

  • the sensor and optics are of poor quality (i.e. you have a wonky camera)
  • the light level is too low or lighting conditions are difficult (e.g. as a result of the gods hating you and your work, or because your karma sucks)

There is one general solution that clearly has a following. The video linked to below provides an exemplary description of the state of the Art by Mr Xavius.

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