Dynamic Soundscape — Freedom Principle

If you have a chance to check out the Freedom Principle at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, I highly recommend you do it. They have a mini-site that is worth looking at, but it doesn’t do the immersive multi-sensory exhibits real justice.

Here’s a clip I took away with me that should give you a little more feel for it.

The various exhibits ranged from graphic arts, to recordings, to automated performance works like the one above titled Rio Negro II. One form that I particularly liked was the activist album art for a record label that never actually existed by Jamal Cyrus. He chose a really interesting approach for getting his point across within the context of these Chicago Southside, African American artist collectives.

After seeing Freedom Principle, my shots over the next couple days on the Chicago lakefront took a turn towards the darker and more moody. I’ll attribute the influence of seeing some great artists at MCA to changing my take on this stretch of beach compared to last year’s series from the same location.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although the Fujifilm X series get’s a bad rap for film use, I’ve been finding the X-100T to be reasonably useful for catching short clips. The one above used the chrome in-camera film setting with saturation, highlights, shadows, and sharpening turned all the way down to give a relatively flat profile out of camera. One of the Filmconvert CS6 plugin filters added just enough contrast, color toning and grain to make it a more pleasing HD experience.

Until I started using Filmconvert (thanks to Philip Bloom’s recommendation on his blog), I was having trouble getting my video grading to match what I usually go for in stills pictures. Now, the combo of VSCO for stills and Filmconvert for video gets me most of the way to what I want to see. It’s the software I use most at this point in time.

Here are a few more shots from the Chicago lakefront at night, all snapped with the latest incarnation of Fuji’s X-100, which I am starting to think is the best travel camera ever.


DSCF696120150812118ektachrome64t copydmarc DSCF696620150812104ektachrome64t copydmarc DSCF697020150812105ektachrome64t copydmarc DSCF695420150812120e100vs-expdmarc DSCF697820150812121e100vs-exp copydmarc DSCF694920150812114e100vs copydmarc DSCF694220150812112e100vs copydmarc


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