Dynamic Soundscape — Freedom Principle


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If you have a chance to check out the Freedom Principle at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, I highly recommend you do it. They have a mini-site that is worth looking at, but it doesn’t do the immersive … Continue reading

Xpro fun with the X100T


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I am quite psyched that VSCO finally updated their films for the Fujifilm X-100T (and X30). The Xpro versions of E100V film got my attention, since I like how cross-processing accentuates colors and contrast with low key photos. With late afternoon sun hitting the … Continue reading

Creative Freedom and Constraints as Drivers

Pushing boundaries seems to be a common theme in both art and science. The boundaries of what can be said or shown, or known – are generally assumed to be external constraints. However, when artists self-impose limits on the tools and techniques utilized to create, they gain much more than they exclude.

These first few images from a larger set were created on a Winter day in the fading afternoon light. They seem to encompass the mood I wanted to capture in part due to the simple process I forced myself to use.

No cropping, no changing focal lengths, no extensive processing. Just what I put in the frame and the choice of ‘film’.

I’ll try additional uploads to the VSCO GRID as I explore a bit more through their iOS app. So far, I really like the simplicity and quality of it.

Follow this link to see how the Edgewater Beach series is progressing.

Warped Perspective


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Robert Capa is quoted as saying “if your pictures aren’t good enough then you’re not close enough”, but if you’re using a wide-angle lens for close-up portraits this may not be the best advice. While the blogosphere has rockstars like Zack … Continue reading