Roll your own Kodachrome?


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Fujifilm’s firmware updates with the “Classic Chrome” filter got me thinking. What are the key characteristics that I like about that look, and can I recreate it without buying their camera? Although I haven’t shot a roll of Kodachrome in many … Continue reading

Kodachrome usage poll

Here are a couple examples of digital Kodachrome color tones for comparison.

First, an urban(e) image run through the Kodachrome 25 simulator from Alien Skin Software.


Some flotsom – or is it jetsam? Found on a NorCal beach. Same film simulator treatment.


Which do you find to be a more ideal subject for this classic saturated color treatment?

Closeup nature photos with the Sigma 19mm/2.8

While this is not a macro lens, the Sigma 19mm/2.8 focuses close enough to get some decent small wildlife shots.

In addition to getting better with the OMD EM5 over the past few months, I also feel more comfortable in difficult natural lighting situations and using manual focus and aperture adjustments with the Sigma lens to get just the right DOF.

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