The “GR” from Ricoh stands for GReat!


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After my first day with this pocket rocket, I was already sold on its merits. Erik Kim had an early review on his street photography blog, which got me thinking about it. Although it’s clearly aimed at the highly discerning … Continue reading

X20 Games – in the mountains, in brilliant color


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Hi All, I updated this post today after a couple people noticed that my iPad editing ruined the image quality and I didn’t notice on the small non-retina screen. These new versions were reprocessed from the originals in Aperture now … Continue reading

The X20 at Night – Fireworks!


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I’m travelling with my iPad mini again, so it’s a chance to check X20 RAF file compatability with various iPad raw imaging apps. First though, here are a couple very low light action shots from day 2 with the new … Continue reading

Fujifilm X as a replacement for Tri-X film


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While I have been having a blast working with an old film camera recently, I think I am now convinced that at least for me, film is going to be a rarely used medium for photography. Although I was drawn … Continue reading