Not about megapixels

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be about the size of the sensor or the number of megapixels, nor technical perfection and image quality.

After editing these and getting them to the point that I felt compelled to leave them alone for a while, I realized that sometimes it’s about seeing a certain way or maybe choosing a personal viewpoint.

I could have created these images in a darkroom and with my Nikon F3 loaded with Tri-X, but instead I had an Olympus E-M5 with me and needed to make adjustments in a digital darkroom.

One style I have taken to heart since I was much younger is often found echoed in the photo-stream of a photographer I enjoy following on Flickr. If you like this sort of thing, check out the film frames that Junku Nishimura has developed and printed. His combination of slightly detached nostalgia for a place and process combines with bits of contemporary content in a way that I find subtly powerful.


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