Old school photography

There is something very unique that happens with black and white film exposure. I have not been able to figure it out, but even after scanning the negatives and applying a bit of processing, the images still have something organic about them that I don’t see in purely digital captures. Salgado may be able to pay for converting digital to film and then back again, but for now, I’m still really into film captures.


The photos in this post were shot in the fog at Ocean Beach in S.F. using Tri-X film pushed a stop in development. I also took along a couple digital cameras and tried to compare the output after selecting pics for the day and processing them as best I could.

In the end, I concluded that for B&W, I still prefer film when the heavier camera and manual focussing don’t get in the way.


Of course, having a local lab that does a great job processing the film and getting it scanned for me within 24 hours makes a huge difference!

If you live in the East Bay and like to shoot film, you really need to try out the Photolab on 5th Street in Berkeley. They are awesome, and once you get used to what the do, you will have a very hard time figuring out why more people don’t shoot film anymore.



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