Fuji, you’re killin’ me here!

I have to admit, I am really excited about the new Fujifilm X-T1. It looks like the most perfectly designed digital camera so far, but it is killing me to think that I’m considering getting rid of my Olympus OM-D E-M5 to make room for the new Fuji system.

The real issue, is that I still really love the way the Oly images look. I don’t like the menus, the controls and layout are OK, but after trying the Fuji X20 for a while, and more recently bonding with the Ricoh GR, I wish the OMD had a different control layout and a menu system that made more sense.

So, with that as a prelude, here is gallery of reasons I am finding to hold off looking at a new camera. These were all taken Sunday afternoon in foggy San Fransisco. Most were random and opportunistic candid shots, a couple were posed, every one of them reminds me why I should focus on images and not gear. The amazing colors and the malleable RAW files from this camera give me a lot of room to work even in poor light.

These were all shot with the really awesome M. Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 ED weather resistant macro lens. I loaned it to a friend for a while, and just got it back. So, I guess this is also a set of test shots with that lens, since I wasn’t sure I would keep it. Now, I’m pretty sure I will – at least as long as I have the E-M5.









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