New school street photography

Watching a video of Alex Webb shooting a project in the street markets of Korea was an eye opener for me. In the past, I’ve looked to classics like Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson and Erwitt to learn about expressing ideas and feelings through images.


Now that I’ve had a chance to study iconic images from the likes of Webb, Parr and
McCurry, just to name a few quite famous ones who are known for photographing people in public places, it’s pulled me in different directions. At the very least I’m getting a broader understanding of the vocabulary of photography – even if I’m still struggling to put together meaningful sentences through my own work.


After some serious thought and then going out on the street with a better defined purpose, a few recent frames give me hope that I’m developing and expressing my vision more eloquently, even if the results are only the equivalent of short phrases for now.


P.S. I have to send some thanks out to Erik Kim for putting more useful information up on his website for aspiring photographers than anyone else out there. It was his blog post that hooked me up with Alex Webb as a source for intensely colorful inspiration.


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