One day, one roll of film

These days it’s rare that I step back and focus on trying to get a perfect frame captured. It’s so easy to fill an SD card with images and then assume I’ll sort through them all later.

As an exercise in restraint, and hopefully as a way to improve my photography, I tried going out with only one roll of film to see if I could capture something worthwhile in 36 shots, and no possibility of chimping.

Here are some favorites from that day.

My Nikon F3 is getting seriously brassy, but the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens is still good as new after 30+ years. It was even featured on the Japan Camera Hunter’s “what’s in your bag” section a couple of weeks ago!

Thanks to the awesome folks at the Photolab on 5th Street in Berkeley, I had my film developed and scanned in 24 hours. The IQ is nothing like the latest digital cameras, but somehow, for some reason, it still looks all right to me.

…here are a few more frames that are far from perfect, but make me think I can still get something worthwhile out of shooting film.


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