An awesome pair – OMD and iPad Mini

The following were snapped in between catching waves and snoozing on the beach this weekend. The weather in NorCal is amazing right now.

With in camera RAW conversion from the Olympus EM5 plus just a couple apps, I was able to get some choice pics sent to friends, and didn’t need to get out of vacation mode.

I no longer bring a laptop with me when I’m traveling light. Although I wouldn’t depend on iPad apps for wall-sized prints or getting a decent quality photobook together, they have been getting much more useful over the past year or so. iPhoto usually results in a little cleaner image, but the number of filters in Snapseed has been growing, and they’re interesting enough to make me seriously rethink my favorite Photoshop presets.

One limitation to this setup is that the quality of the details is really tough to judge on a small non-calibrated screen. So, I’m only posting these JPEGs now after checking them on a big screen at home. I didn’t do any additional work with these other than to resize, tag and add borders for posting. Image processing is the same as what I generated on the go.

I’ll probably re-edit a few and get some decent prints made, but other than the noticeable posterization with the somewhat extreme Snapseed “Vintage” and “Drama” filters, nothing is really that far off from where I will get to with ACR and CS6.

Sharpening and NR is whatever came out of the camera directly. It may be a good idea to explore the options more thoroughly, but I haven’t gotten as deeply into the guts of in camera .ORF editing as I have with .RAF files from my X20. I suspect that most of the occasional artifacts I see in these JPEGs are from adjusting exposure in iPad/iPhone apps, not in camera processing. That plus the really strong Instagram type filters tend to overdo things. Any bit depth deficit shows up as banding or blockiness (especially in otherwise beautifully blue skies).

I may try a few equivalent edits in CS6 and then compare to what I got from these iPad apps in another post. It seems like a gentle touch with exposure adjustments and not going overboard on the color or contrast effects leads to decent results.

Two other apps I highly recommend are the google+ app and the Web Albums app from Pixite. If you are serious about getting albums uploaded to google+ from an iPad, Web Albums is really useful. I haven’t found anything else that works to get large numbers of photos uploaded and posted as quickly and reliably.

One other thing I’ve done recently to lighten the load is to focus on two lenses that I can’t live without. They are the Panasonic-Leica 25mm f/1.4 and the Olympus M. Zuiko 75-300mm zoom. These cover most of what I need to capture, and really do it extremely well.

So, get out and enjoy life, bring your camera, but leave your computer behind!


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