Head and shoulder character portrait

I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with this guy in an old cattle pen that he hides out in. This has been going on for a while now, and I think he’s finally starting to get more comfortable in front of a camera.

Also, I’m finding that as long as I can get someone to hold very still, doing a rapid exposure bracketing with the OMD EM5 at 9 fps gives me a stable enough shot for hand-held HDR merging in post-processing.

This could be kind of interesting to try for natural light portraits when I can’t get decent light set-up for a shot. I think you lose a little fine resolution in the merge, but it sharpens up OK. At least this one did after stacking 3 exposures.

I like the high contrast black and white look, but the lighting was way too bright to manage with a single shot. This picture was finished off with a Tri-X film simulation, but there were three exposures +/-0.7 eV that went into the original composite image.

Direct mid-day sun and a single exposure isn’t anywhere near as interesting looking unless you spend a lot of time dodging and burning various regions of the photo to get it just right. If you do, you also get much more noise in the shadow areas, and it is tough to manage the nearly impossible to avoid blown highlights.


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