Megapixel Overload

The Cubs played in Oakland this weekend, and I got a chance to test the maximum resolution of my backup camera.

This is a 3:2 aspect ratio crop from the original 4:3 ratio 12mp image file. I upped the resolution by ~180% using bicubic interpolation to get to the larger size (300dpi for a 16″x24″ print), and that is about the limit that is possible without starting to get really noticeable artifacts from interpolating pixels that didn’t exist in the original file. Some of the artifacts in this JPEG are due to compression, and you’ll see them if you click-through to display the full-size file.

If this were a photo of something with less recognizable detail, it would probably look normal at this size. Because I had cheap seats and the faces in the stands are just slightly too far away to resolve, it won’t work as anything larger than an 8″x12″ or so print.

The first 100% crop below is from the original file (~11″x14″ at 300dpi in uncompressed TIFF format). The second one was taken after increasing resolution to get to 16″x24″. From a normal viewing distances, you may not notice anything strange in the first one, but looking too closely at the second one would be disconcerting.

Considering I mostly print 8″x12″, it’s a good fit for what I need from a pocket-sized camera. However, for wall covering prints with this much fine detail, I would need something that has more resolution.


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