I’ve been finding myself drawn to creating short series of photos with self-contained themes. This one happened very spontaneously and seems to hit a nice subconscious chord.

I guess I was unintentionally going for an Elliott Erwitt look and feel. There are many other photographers I like, but he has been so prolific and so consistent over such a long period, I can’t help but try to imitate his stuff from time to time.

Although there aren’t any exact equivalents to the one above that I know of in his portfolio (yet!), I thought I should point you in his general direction in case you are not consciously aware of what he has done.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to go to his Magnum Photos profile page. Although he has captured some heart-wrenchingly serious images as well, the goofy ones are just irresistible. Think about it – he started doing this before Reddit!



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