Final version of early morning on the river

I had a chance to edit the original file and work on both color and monochrome versions. I am torn between the two in trying to choose a final for printing.

The deep greens from the early morning light mixed with the white mist are wonderful, but the black and white conversion gains even more of the feel of an impressionist painting that I find myself drawn to.

After a coming back to it a few times, I think the second one makes a slightly stronger impact.

On a technical note, I have to say that it is easy to oversaturate colors when processing raw files from the X series sensors. I find that overlaying a layer to desaturate slightly helps to keep the tonal range from looking too vivid.

For color photos, I have been using the Astia simulation rather than Velvia for most of my most recent work, although I went through a phase where the intense Velvia like colors were very tempting to me. Toning it down a bit seems to bring back a balance between compositional elements.


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