Big Pictures, Small Cameras

The age of little bitty cameras making ridiculously big photos is upon us!

Here are a couple new ones from around the Aquatic Park. Click through to the full-size versions to see the details.


I finally upgraded to CS6 so that I could use ACR to import X20 .RAF files for processing, and definitely cannot agree with anyone who says they prefer the JPEGs coming directly from the twin-processors onboard this little beast. While you can use them, and I have tried, a little work in Photoshop pays off.

BTW, there was a really nice post over at Steve Huff’s site this morning by a guy name Colin Steel. He captured some awesome pics in Sicily with both the X100s and X20. What really impresses me is the style that he is able to create. Very nice, grainy B&W, with perfectly timed and composed shots in very intense lighting. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Big Pictures, Small Cameras

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