The X20 at Night – Fireworks!

I’m travelling with my iPad mini again, so it’s a chance to check X20 RAF file compatability with various iPad raw imaging apps. First though, here are a couple very low light action shots from day 2 with the new Fujifilm pocket cam.


Fast moving kids and fireworks are a tough combination. I really would expect even a full size DSLR to have issues. Slow synch with the tiny built in pop-up flash worked way better than I expected.

I’m starting to really like this camera, it seems to be magical!


I’ve settled into a routine now with the following low light settings:
ISO 800
B+W with yellow filter
Sharpening -1
NR -1
Highlights +1
Shadows -1

I’ve kept the Auto DR on so far, but am thinking about dropping it to 100% unless I need the expanded range for some reason. Also, for low light, I find that using a little extra noise reduction in Photoshop helps a bit, but the JPEGs are usable OOC.

One quirk with this camera is that there are a few combinations of options that are not available together. For instance, the flash settings don’t appear if you have multi frame capture on. Enhanced digital zoom doesn’t activate and film simulation bracketing disappears if you are saving RAW files. It makes sense after a while, but I find myself needing to check the charts on the last few pages of the manual from time to time to figure out why something is not working.

Although I assumed it would have limitations due to its small size, I absolutely can’t complain about the sensor not having enough resolution or the lens not being sharp enough. Here is a shot of a friend with her new OMD. It is a very heavily cropped photo, but the perceived sharpness seems to be great down to the pixel level. The two image processors on board must also be working well.


Although I still love the Olympus for its awesome colors, if the Fuji colors turn out to be equally good, I think I may have a new favorite camera on my hands (and in my pocket).

Here is a first try at checking out color tones. I used the diarama filter just to see how it worked, but what impressed me were that the colors have a nice balanced look to them straight out of the camera.


I haven’t seen many reviews of the X20. Everyone seems to be focused on the X100s right now. So, I’ll try to keep posting my more interesting pictures and technical notes as I gain more experience with it.


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