New camera roadmap from Olympus

I noticed that there was some news from the CP+ show in Japan about upcoming new products from the maker of what is, at least for me, becoming an indispensible photography tool, the Olympus OM-D E-M5.

As far as I can decipher the Google translated version of a report from a visit to a recent industry sponsored event, there are a lot of new product announcements planned this year.

Here’s a quote:
“…Mr. Yukihiko Sugita Development Division Olympus Imaging Corporation, the release time but decided, in the year 2013, NEXT-E, NEXT-OM-D, the NEXT-PEN … I said, has developed a flagship NEXT STYLUS that incorporate technology. STYLUS brands of compact digital camera…”

So, I suspect this means an upcoming replacement for the XZ-2, which is highly regarded, but probably having a tough time against smaller and more powerful compact rivals like the Sony RX-100 (tiny) and RX-1 (is that a full frame sensor and Zeiss lens in your pocket?). There was a comprehensive XZ-2 review posted by Robin Wong that is worth looking at if you are in the market for a pocket size camera.

The thing that impresses me the most is that Olympus does not needless incapacitate their compacts compared to their pro-level equipment. The controls and functionality are all there if they make sense in a smaller format. The Stylus cams have options like remote trigerring the full range of off-camera wireless flash units, which makes it an ideal backup camera for OM-D or E owners.

I’ve also attached a picture from the same report that suggests at least the release dates for a new E series DSLR, updated OM-D and another PEN are on the way in 2013. Follow this link to see the original report on the Japanese site.


I haven’t focused too much on equipment in my recent posts. Making images with my current camera and lenses has been keeping me busy, but if the XZ-3 or whatever, comes close to E-M5 quality photos in a pocketable camera, I need to start saving some money for it.


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