Golden Wavelets

Sunset Wavelets

This is one of a series of photos taken at the Berkeley Aquatic Park to highlight the natural beauty of the area, and to try to raise funds for the local Sierra Club efforts to save the habitat from pollution and encroaching urbanization.

You can read about what I am doing in this earlier post. If you would like to get a print, which will support the efforts of the local Sierra Club to save this aquatic bird habitat, you can follow this link to Save The Aquatic Park at RedBubble.

This picture was taken just before sunset with the really awesome 75-300mm M. Zuiko ED lens from Olympus. Although it is not a lens with a very fast aperture, the quality of the optics are really starting to grow on me now that I understand how well it matches up with the OM-D camera sensor. This image perfectly captured the golden play of the rays of the setting sun at dusk on the wavelets lapping up on shore as the hunting egret waded past.


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