A study of color and texture

The perceived interchange between colors and textures intrigues me.

The longer the eyes find lines of contrast to follow, the more I feel pulled into the image. When they drop of at some point along the line, they seem to hop around looking for patterns. As long as the textures have a balance of spontaneity and similarity, my mind takes in the repeats and variations until it finally leaves off with a presumably sufficient survey of the scene.

Some of my favorite examples of photos that draw me in come from a contemporary photographer whose images consistently attract me and hold my attention. The images below are a few of these from Sebastião Salgado, with links to their original sources.

To me, the truly iconic subjects in this category are the tree and the sand dune. There are high contrast lines and repeating elements, and when they come together in an intricate pattern, it is hard to look away from the picture.


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