Forest panorama with multiple views

Tilden Park was looking pretty gorgeous this weekend even with overcast skies and rain battered foliage.

This series of pictures presents different views from a 6 frame photo-merge. The crops range from 8×10 to 8×24 aspect ratios. My focus was on pulling different moods out of the scene, which was more complex than a single shot could capture.


Key lessons learned include the need to manage exposure manually to avoid changes between shots, being careful to use a reasonable DOF and choosing a manual focus point that works for the whole panorama.

Although the semi-automated camera panorama mode works, it isn’t great for more complex series. The exposure doesn’t seem to lock between frames (not sure if this is a quirk with my settings or a limitation of the Olympus OMD scenic mode). I have a few other panoramas to post-process and will see how they turned out soon.

There were some artifacts that I initially thought were focus issues, but on closer inspection it looks like a sort of “sworly” effect that comes from the PS photomerge filter trying to cover up the stitch lines. It doesn’t seem to be very noticeable or objectionable in this particular work because of the painting-like nature of the image.

So far, I haven’t added any color adjustments other than auto WB, and will try to sharpen a bit along with adjusting the color tones using Alien Skin Exposure for my favorites out of this batch.

Apples Aperture 3.0 on a Mac Air with 2 gig RAM bit the dust several times while I was trying to work with the combined file. Adobe Photoshop (CS5) managed virtual memory much better and allowed me to make the crop selections. I used Apple’s to convert these cropped .PSD files to JPEG – it was way faster for exporting than using the other two software packages.


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