Don’t mind the rain, go to a gallery

Barry?The deluge of rain in the Bay area is putting a damper on outdoor activities, and quite a few people, Including myself, took the opportunity to visit local museums and galleries this weekend.

Any street art installation by Barry McGee is a must see.

art in a nutshell

Click on the picture above to view a video of my favorite mechanical creation by McGee. I like to think of it as “art in a nutshell”.

Don’t let the apparently abandoned and graffiti adorned facade of the Berkeley Art Museum stop you from going in between now and December 9th.

Step through the apparently dilapidated doors and into a macro-scale re-creation of artistic life on the streets of America.

Don’t be surprised if it takes a moment for you to orient yourself inside. At first, the images I was taking in were not registering with my cerebral cortex.

As I wandered through it all, the intent became clear and seriously impressive. There is more creative talent around than most of our formal art institutions can deal with.

In the following interview, the artist was asked what is the difference between working on the street and in a museum. His answer – “one is interesting, the other is boring”, was followed by appropriately awkward silence from the interviewer.

This exhibition filled a major gap in my perspective on how and where meaningful images are created.

After returning home and searching through a backlog of RAW photos accumulating on my hard-drive, I realized that I had apparently seen a work of the “Twist School” on a street in West Berkeley not too long ago.

At the time I spotted it and almost fell off my bike to get a picture, I had no idea what I was looking at, but now I know.

When you look at a dumpster in an alley and see a canvas expressing human feeling more effectively than half the archival quality frames hanging on the walls of MoMA, it should make you think.

and, keep thinking…PC010058 - Version 2


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