To learn more about Zephyr and Alawa go to http://nywolf.org/


This one of Zephyr, taken this afternoon, is straight from OMD RAW with only minor iPhoto app exposure adjustment and a standard photo framing crop.

One limitation I am finding with the mobile WordPress app is that there is no obvious way to use galleries or to manage the media library. It was tough getting a photo post done with 2 bars of 3G even with a relatively low resolution JPEG photo. With a decent broadband connection this evening, at least the app is more responsive.

iPhoto on the iPad seems pretty efficient – apparently it recognizes both RAW and in camera converted files, but I have no idea where the white balance control equivalent to Aperture’s is hiding (if it exists).

The iPad mini screen is plenty big for someone accustomed to an iPhone or iPod, but it is a little disconcerting to post these pictures without first checking them at full resolution on a calibrated monitor.

I guess I’ll see what I think of these mobile processed pics after getting back home. In the meantime, I hope you find them to be of reasonably high quality. These animals are absolutely beautiful in real life and capturing the intensity of them on a little chip of silica is definitely a challenge I hope to get a chance to repeat in the future.

More pics in upcoming posts.


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