I had the opportunity to leave NY and check out some wolves living in nearby Connecticut. So, continuing the general theme of mobile photography and blogging, I tested various black and white conversion options using iPhoto, Alt Photo and Snapseed apps on the iPod mini.

The workflow I am starting to gravitate towards after a few days is the following:

RAW image capture on the OMD,
In camera RAW editing for any obvious keepers,
Transfer to the iPad with the Thunderbolt SD card connection kit,
Cropping and exposure adjustments in iPhoto.

I like to keep the original OMD color version for most pics, but continue either in iPhoto or the other apps for monochrome conversion, film presets, and occasionally other filters.


I’ll post some examples of each in the next few posts, and you can choose your favorites, but here is a recommendation for anyone just starting out. If you need to start somewhere, try iPhoto first. This is the one app I would say does it all – almost.

After that, Alien Skin Alt Photo provides a selection of their signature color and monochrome film emulations that I really like. However, they are more limited than the full software version. A few presets seem limited by default vignetting that I haven’t figured out how to turn off.

This is my first day using Snapseed, and all I can say right now is that it seems like a good option if you already use Nik software.


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