Closeup nature photos with the Sigma 19mm/2.8

While this is not a macro lens, the Sigma 19mm/2.8 focuses close enough to get some decent small wildlife shots.

In addition to getting better with the OMD EM5 over the past few months, I also feel more comfortable in difficult natural lighting situations and using manual focus and aperture adjustments with the Sigma lens to get just the right DOF.

After switching to all RAW captures in the camera, I now depend on Aperture 3 for WB, exposure, and occasional CA or highlight/shadow adjustments. However, the biggest change I made to my workflow was getting the Alien Skin Exposure plugin for CS5. Since I grew up with film cameras, this is the perfect tool for me. I am gravitating towards Kodachrome just as I did with Nikon SLRs many years ago, and that is what I used with both of these pictures.

Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.


One thought on “Closeup nature photos with the Sigma 19mm/2.8

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