Synthetic Green Volvo

Green vehicles are nothing new in Berkeley, but after taking a picture of a really nice old Volvo that was parked on the street in my neighborhood, I thought of a way to take it to the next level as I walked a little further down the street and spotted a beautiful wall of flowering vines.

I rarely use Photoshop to synthesize a picture and I did not do very much to produce this one. Luckily I found a spot on the street only a half a block away to take a second image that I knew I could merge with the first using minimum effort. I shot the two with the same focal length on a wide to normal zoom lens, on the same side of the street, and at nearly the same time to get similar sunlight and exposures.

I spent some time getting the tones on the car just right and kept adjustments to the foliage and blossoms simple. Aperture is starting to really grow on me and I haven’t felt the need to spend any money on plug-ins. Making pictures look the way I want them is straight forward with the standard tools.

Photoshop was a must to put this picture together. However, I barely used it to create two layers and add a few swipes with the pen on a digital tablet. Knowing when to stop may have been the trickiest part of the whole process. I let a few days go by, took a look again, tried some additional versions, and then realized the first one was the way I had imagined it should be.

That’s it. You can see a larger version in the new portfolio called synthetic abstractions.


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